Review: The Sewing Room Girl.

If Susanna Bavin ever needs an alternative career, I think she should consider being a hypnotist.  I’m sure she must have had some training already because the minute I see one of her books, it’s impossible to look away; anything could be happening around me and I wouldn’t notice.  Her third book, The Sewing Room … Continue reading Review: The Sewing Room Girl.


Book Review And Blog Tour: Another Day In Winter.

In her latest book, Another Day In Winter, Shari Low gives a masterclass in how to seamlessly weave multiple plot lines into one exciting, charming and emotional story. Just as she did in the first book in this series, One Day In December, she takes four characters, in this case Shauna, Tom, Chrissie and George, and … Continue reading Book Review And Blog Tour: Another Day In Winter.

Book Review: Bloody Brilliant Women.

Mark recently bought Freya the children’s book, Fantastically Great Women Who Made History, written by Kate Pankhurst. After reading it with her I remember thinking two things ‘yay for Mark’ and ‘I wish there was something like this for adults’. BEHOLD, Bloody Brilliant Women. Journalist and presenter Cathy Newman has plugged a gap in the … Continue reading Book Review: Bloody Brilliant Women.

Book Review: Coming Home To Maple Cottage.

Coming Home To Maple Cottage is the final book in the latest series by Holly Martin - and definitely the one I’ve been waiting for. I bought the first two but simply couldn’t wait until publication day to find out Isla and Leo’s story so turned to NetGalley to get an early fix. The story … Continue reading Book Review: Coming Home To Maple Cottage.