Friday 500 (And General Writing) Update.


“Are you writing a book blog now?” Mark asked.

I think he occasionally checks in just to make sure I’m not writing posts listing his faults. As he brought home a massive slab of chocolate cake and a hot chocolate for me recently,  I’d say he’s pretty safe at the mo.

How good does this look?

To answer his question, I’m not writing a book blog, even though it might seem like it (not that there is anything wrong with blogs about books, many of which I follow).

I’ve just been busy (reading lots of books, obviously, hehe). Also Freya has been sleeping even less than usual for the last week or so due to a flare up of her old tummy problems (poor little bean) so my brain is a bit…fuzzy.

Then there’s the world, which seems to be in a bit of a free-fall at the moment. I’ve got things to say about it but. Brain. Fuzzy. I don’t think I would do it justice right now.

While I haven’t blogged, I have been writing for the Friday 500. Kate and I had a break over Christmas but started again once the children went back to school/nursery. I was working on chapter four before the festive season but I then changed direction and felt like I needed to go back and get chapter one, my foundation, on firmer ground. Kate read it last week and put forward some great suggestions, as usual, and I feel like, even though it still needs a fair bit of work, it’s sturdy enough to hold the rest of the story.

So onwards to rewrite chapter two where I’m now switching characters and need to find a male voice, which I haven’t done before. It’s a bit daunting, to be honest. I feel like I know him fairly well and can imagine how he speaks but wonder if he will sound like a man? What does a man sound like? Am I stereotyping? Or being sexist? Is my fuzzy brain overthinking it? I think I’m worried it will sound like a really awful audio book where the female narrator does the male voices by going a bit deeper than usual – only I can’t even go a bit deeper because no one can hear me.

Hopefully Freya will start to feel better soon and there will be more frequent blog posts that don’t just involve books (although I have read some FANTASTIC books recently – lots of five star ratings and I’m REALLY stingy with my stars – and I can’t wait to share them with you).

Any tips on switching voices? Do I just need to stop thinking about it and write?


Nepaliaustralian Blog Award Nomination.


Forget the Golden Globes, the BAFTAs and even the Oscars, it’s all about the annual Nepaliaustralian Blog Awards – or at least it is for me.

Someone has very kindly nominated me in the Best Personal Blog 2016 category. Thank you very much. It made my day yesterday when I found out. I had to click on the link twice to check it really was my site.

I’ve been lucky enough to be nominated for a couple of blogging awards before, which I am always thankful for, but I’ve never really pushed forward with them because they often seem more about how many followers you have than blogging. Do I sound bitter? I don’t mean to, honest. I’m a little fish in a big pond and I’m more than happy to swim about in my small corner.

The Nepaliaustralian Awards strike me as different, though. They are run by a blogging mum, who was born in Nepal, which is top of my list of places to visit, who lives in Australia with her husband and daughter.

As she explains:

Every year many blogs are created to express thoughts and emotions. Some are really interesting while others are funny. While some choose to share about their life or relationship others share their skills and passion like cooking, photography or fashion. No matter what field the blog belongs to, if it is good, it needs to be recognized and more and more people should be able to reach these blogs.

There’s no big ceremony (I might buy a posh dress anyway), no trophy to take home, just recognition that you are doing something others enjoy. It’s a grassroots blogging award – and that really appeals to me.

So, if you like reading my blog please could you click here and cast your vote for me by pasting this into the comment box.

Best Personal Blog 2016 – 1.

You’ll need to supply an email address. Your vote won’t be shown in the comments.

While you’re there why not check out some of the other nominated blogs. The lovely, always supportive, Amanda who blogs at Something To Ponder About (home of the Monday Mystery Photo) is nominated in TWO categories, including best personal blog, and Jane at Sustayable Me, who kindly featured me in her Mum Friday Section, is up for Best New Blog.

Thanks again for every view, like and especially comment.

Identity Crisis: What Is A Blogger?


“And this is Tara, she’s…A BLOGGER.”

My introduction within our small group came as a bit of a shock. I’ve been described as many things in my time but these days I usually go by “freelance journalist” and while I am obviously a blogger (it says so in my Twitter profile) am I A BLOGGER?

I felt pretty cool at first, like I was going to be the next Tanya Burr. I thought perhaps I should break out my camera and start talking to myself but then I moved into feeling like a bit of a fraud (especially as I have never vlogged in my life). I mean, I was at the event so I could write about it for the blog, so I’m not sure why I was so surprised, but as blogging isn’t my main source of income I wondered whether I could really get away with calling myself one?

Is money what makes a blogger A BLOGGER?

My blog isn’t a secret. I link to it from my professional site, some of my family and real life friends read it (Hello!) and if people ask about it I will happily ramble on until the cows come home but I don’t go out of my way to talk about it. It’s not that I’m embarrassed, more that it feels like a bit of a hobby like taking photos, running or reading.

I blog for the joy of writing and the connection with other (lovely) people in what can sometimes be a lonely old world.

The trouble is, I think people in the outside world associate blogging and being A BLOGGER with trying to find fame and fortune when that’s really only a minority of people (and good luck to them because it seems like a lot of hard work).


I don’t think it’s just me having a bit of an identity crisis either. It feels a bit like blogging, or parent blogging, anyway, is also being redefined. I’ve seen several people going back to basics, turning away from all the extra stuff and reconnecting with the reason they started writing in the first place.

Of course there is nothing wrong with making money from your blog or reviewing products you like. It’s fantastic industry, especially for parents. I have always been a bit uneasy about that side of things. I turn down far more than I accept simply because my lifestyle is about needing less, not wanting more, but I am more than happy to get on board with a brand if the product is right.

While I’ve had this blog for two and a bit years, I started my original anonymous blog in the early noughties, when brands had yet to catch on to the fact that blogs were a great advertising opportunity. Obviously then it was all about the stories people told and to a degree it still is for the majority but while that means you’re blogging, does it make you (or me) A BLOGGER?

Am I overthinking it? 

I’m confused.

Any thoughts?