England’s Blooming Grass Verges.

"Verges can be wonderful roadside mini-meadows, a crucial habitat for wild flowers and the wealth of wildlife they support." - Plantlife. There's a bit of argy-bargy at the moment over whether councils should cut roadside verges. According the the BBC, since 2013 the British conversation charity, Plantlife, has been campaigning for councils to let them … Continue reading England’s Blooming Grass Verges.


Book Review: The Girl At The Window.

Sometimes you can tell how much you’re going to like a book from very early on – and, for me, The Girl At The Window was a five star read right from the start. I stayed up way too late and woke up way too early in a bid to keep finding out more of … Continue reading Book Review: The Girl At The Window.

My Weekend Photo – Featuring The Beach.

We picked Freya up from school on Friday and made straight for the beach (we even checked the tide times to make sure there would be sand). It was a gorgeous evening in Sheringham - although the tide came in quite quickly so after an hour on the beach we went into the town to … Continue reading My Weekend Photo – Featuring The Beach.