Our baby Oscar at the 12 week scan.

In 2011, we discovered at the 12-week scan that our much wanted first baby had the rare and fatal condition anencephaly.

It goes without saying that we were heartbroken – and what made it worse was searching the internet for help/answers and coming up with awful images/stories, which certainly did more harm than good.

One of the reasons I started After The Rain was to provide a place where I could provide “safe” links for parents. If you have discovered this site because your baby has this condition, you have my heartfelt sympathy. Nothing anyone can say can make this any easier but finding other parents who have been through it was a big help for me.

You can read our story in the following posts. On medical advice, I underwent a managed miscarriage/termination when I was 13 weeks pregnant.

“No,” she said.

The One.

After The Rain.

Thoughts On Grief.

Pregnancy After Loss – Living With The Past.

Gone But Never Forgotten: A Third Birthday.

How To Explain Pregnancy Loss To A Toddler.

Information and support.

Antenatal Results and Choices (ARC) – a UK charity “helping parents and professionals through antenatal screening and its consequences”. Includes a helpline number.

A Heartbreaking Choice – a website and private discussion forum which supports families worldwide who have terminated a wanted pregnancy.

Still Standing Magazine – an online magazine for bereaved parents.

Petals – Charity offering “counselling for trauma or loss during pregnancy and birth” for people in Cambridgeshire and parts of Suffolk and North Essex.


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