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Wisteria Hysteria in Norwich.

When I have visited the wisteria at St Giles on the Hill in Norwich city centre before, I have just snapped a photo from the front and then left.

This time I got to wander around the outside while Mark and Freya went further up the very picturesque Upper St Giles Street. They came back to say they had found a cake shop. Obviously I needed to go and investigate.

After we bought some lovely cupcakes from Cupcake & Co, we went inside the church grounds to a bench and sat eating while admiring the wisteria. Isn’t it glorious? I also noticed for the first time how many historic buildings there were in this area.

The church is undergoing some renovation work by the looks of things but I liked the plants against the metal.

Looking towards Norwich City Hall (the clock tower).

Have you spotted any wisteria yet? Is there a particular place where you live you like to visit each year to see it?


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