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ARC Book Review: Her Fixer Upper.

When I read the synopsis for Her Fixer Upper, I immediately sent it to my friend and fellow home-makeover fan with the words: “I think this book was written for us.”

I’d estimate 95% of my television viewing is a home transformation show of some kind; Homes Under The Hammer, Extreme Makeover – Home Edition, Home Greek Home – I’m there for them all!

So, once you’ve read the blurb, you’ll understand why I found Emily Kerr’s latest book so exciting. Here it is:

Unable to afford their own homes, two friends decide to buy a renovation house together as a project.

What could possibly go wrong…?

Freya dreams of owning her own home. Charlie is struggling to get a mortgage. When the two old friends bump into each other on a night out, Charlie jokes that buying together would solve all their problems. He doesn’t expect Freya to say yes, let alone yes to a less-than-perfect fixer upper.

Nobody said renovating their dream home would be easy, but will Charlie and Freya fall out of love with the house, or in love with each other…

As someone who quite often looks at old, falling down houses with hearts in my eyes behind my rose tinted glasses, I could totally see why Charlie and, with a bit more convincing, Freya fell for a fixer upper.

I found the descriptions of the house reno very realistic. I felt like I was there with them carting loads of rubbish out to the skip time and again – and then like I needed a shower and a nap!

I would have loved to have known more about their childhood friendship as it felt a bit quick for them to meet up once after so many years of not seeing each other and immediately leap into buying a house together.

I also found it difficult to think of Freya as anything but a character as she didn’t really come alive for me.

However, there’s a lot to like about this book – not least a cute dog – and the ending certainly ramped up the excitement in a way I didn’t see coming (no spoilers). 

All in all, this is a fun, easy read.

Thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the ARC.


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