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My Weekend Photo – Featuring Boats And Butterflies.


I missed the best of the blossom, the bluebells, the wisteria but thankfully still managed to capture some butterflies this year.


Is it just me or does being outside seem all the sweeter now. Like everything is brighter, bolder, more buzzy.

Yesterday we went for a walk in the countryside and there were insects galore (although no swallowtails, they might be another thing to look forward to next year).




Other than people, what have you missed most during lockdown?



7 thoughts on “My Weekend Photo – Featuring Boats And Butterflies.”

  1. Tara, these are such lovely photos. Thank you. It woud be wonderful if you shared one (or more!) of them over on Facebook, or Insta in my giveaway, if you’d like a piece of floral inspired DGD jewellery for you or a pal. The tag is #DGDFloralGiveaway2020


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