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My Weekend Photo – Featuring The Beach.

IMG_2219As I pulled back the curtains and spotted the rain, I knew exactly what we should do – hit the beach, of course.

It took me some time to convince Freya that it was the Best Idea Ever but eventually she got on board and we had a lovely time on an almost empty Sheringham beach. We walked a different way than usual and the view above literally took my breath away.

Freya has been feeling very anxious about leaving the flat (she’s not alone there) but, thanks to the rain, I was sure we wouldn’t have any trouble socially distancing at the beach.

It was lovely for her to be able to have space to run, jump about and shout without having to worry about upsetting our (very understanding) downstairs neighbours.


How have you been finding it all? Are you worried about going out?


9 thoughts on “My Weekend Photo – Featuring The Beach.”

      1. yes, thank you. No fairs for the foreseeable, but online is steady, I created a new website this year, and have been putting the items that are either one offs, or that turn over more slowly onto that, which has kept my overheads down a bit. Good to see you getting out and about 😉


  1. Those skies are amazing. Glad you were able to get out to take these. Yes, I’m nervous about getting out and about and think I may have to do it in the way you’ve done it – bad weather when you know somewhere’s going to be deserted. Fab photos x


    1. Thank you. I think it’s other people that are the problem, not everyone seems to be taking it seriously. I hope you manage to get some fresh socially distanced air soon 🙂


  2. So glad you got to enjoy a quiet beach. The photos are beautiful. I hope Freya felt better about going out. We’ve been getting out walking and running all through lockdown and I was very happy when we were allowed out more than once a day!


  3. Beautiful pictures. I love walking on the beach when it’s empty (not so much during the high season any more, lol). When I lived in my own country I used to go to the beach (five minute walk from my house) during the winter and just sit on the sand and watch the ocean and the sky. So peaceful and gorgeous. Thank you for bringing back such great memories.


  4. Great pictures! I was troubled about going out — a lot of people aren’t wearing masks, even though it’s “strongly recommended” outside and required at all businesses. I tried a few places to eat (drive-through) thinking that if I got to the window and saw they had no mask, I would leave. No place has disappointed so far. As for walking in the park, I finally found the window of time during the day that there don’t seem to be a lot of people there so I go then. I wear my mask if there are other people in the area. Many people socially distance there so that’s good. I worry about returning to work, being in a enclosed space. Looking for remote work to avoid that. I don’t blame Freya for not wanting to be out. The virus is still out there and not everyone is taking it seriously.

    Hope the beach brought you both some solace.


  5. I haven’t been worried at all about going out but I do avoid places that are crowded and I do wash my hands and use hand sanitizer regularly I also have a trolley cover I use so that I don’t have to touch the handle of a shopping trolley when I go to the supermarket. Other than that I feel pretty comfortable about going out but we are lucky here in Australia there isn’t too many cases at all. It’s different in other places for sure.
    It is sad to think that little childrenlike Freya have to worry so much about going out but I am sure that in time the memory of this will be of special activities with Mum rather than worries about going out


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