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My Weekend Photo – Featuring A Lens Ball.


My brother recently sent me a lens ball after his friend showed him some photos he had taken using one. I’ve always been intrigued by them and the kind of photos you can take with them but never really thought of getting one for myself. I was very excited when he told me I had one coming in the post (what a nice brother).

With lockdown it has taken a while to arrive but I also found it very tricky finding good subjects to test it out on while we were at home.

With the slight relaxation of the lockdown rules, we ventured out on a countryside walk for the first time since March early yesterday. While we have been very grateful to be safe at home, living in a top floor flat with a lively six-year-old hasn’t been without its challenges so it was fantastic to have a tiny bit of safe, socially distanced freedom. Freya absolutely loved being outside again.

IMG_1479 2

As we walked, I quickly snapped a few photos. I’m still a bit confused about whether to turn them so they are the right way up.


I think it’s going to be a very interesting piece of kit to have in my camera bag.

Would you consider getting one or have you got one? Any tips you can pass on?


18 thoughts on “My Weekend Photo – Featuring A Lens Ball.”

  1. The photos look fab, Tara. I love them all but particularly the top one. Hubby has used one and he always turns the picture the right way up for what’s in the lens although that means the background’s upside down. He got a little wooden stand made for his (his dad is into whittling wood) but you can buy stands which means the hand doesn’t need to be in the picture although that then provides limitations on the height you can have the ball. Have fun experimenting 🙂 x


    1. Thank you! I’m still a bit confused by it but I’m having fun playing with it. I bet a stand is REALLY helpful (it would certainly save poor Mark’s arm. Hehe).


  2. The photos are fantastic. I’ve never had a lens ball, but I always like looking at the photos people take with them. It must have been so nice to get out further afield. It can’t have been easy in a flat with a six-year-old over the last few weeks. Our garden has been an absolute saviour!


    1. Hah! Freya keeps pretending it’s a crystal ball and she can tell my future (it’s been a bit bleak on several occasions, which is a worry). So many uses 🙂

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  3. Hi Tara, belated happy birthday! You’ve mastered using a lens ball nicely already! I love your backgrounds. They are fun and you may have inspired me to get mine out again. I prefer turning the photos so the image in the ball is the right way up… Word of warning (if you don’t already know), be careful holding one if out in the sun. It burns!


    1. Hiya! Thank you (although my birthday isn’t until June, this was just a present. What a nice brother). Great tip about the sun, I’d more than likely burn myself!


  4. Those are some amazing images Tara! I htought you weren’t sure how to use a lensball? Those are wonderful pics and glad you managed to get out the house after all this time.

    Be careful with the lensball though. have you used it in bright sunlight and burned your hand yet???Be advised it can happen! Email coming you way re XR in a day or two. Just reading book now.


  5. What a beautiful tool for photography! I’ve never seen one before! I’m so happy you guys could get outside! We’ve been hanging around home too…I miss people terribly!❤️😍


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