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My Weekend Photo – Featuring Baking And Making.


At the start of lockdown I was determined to exercise every day. We ran/walked, we did PE with Joe, yoga etc etc. By week three all exercise had pretty much stopped. I’m not sure what happened. Maybe it just dawned on me that this wasn’t going to go away any time soon and my way of coping with that was to sit and eat all of the baking.


Thankfully, while the baking and making has continued, I’m back exercising. In case you’re interested (not an ad) I’ve been following Team Body Project on YouTube. They are mostly low impact but high intensity (so good if you have dodgy knees like me). The videos are 30 – 45 mins and easy to fit in around work/home school/general life and the fitness coaches are realistic and encouraging. I’ve recently signed up for the (mostly free) six week course. Even when things start to return to normal (not too soon please, stay home!) I’ll keep going with them.


We’ve tried lots of new recipes in the last few weeks including scones, dipped chocolate cookies and fudge. The fudge took three attempts, mainly because I was using the wrong type of milk on the first two attempts (we still ate them even though they were like caramel). For the final two recipes, we didn’t have some of the ingredients (even with the right milk) so we improvised and they still turned out ok.

I hope you are all ok. Are you exercising?


6 thoughts on “My Weekend Photo – Featuring Baking And Making.”

  1. Baking from scratch is something I want to try. I use mixes and boxed cakes, etc., for now. No, I’m not exercising much. I was walking several miles several days a week, but people weren’t social distancing enough so I haven’t walked at the park lately. Of course, I could walk around my neighborhood, but it’s just not as fun. 🙂 (Oh, sweet excuses!)

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  2. yes to ok, thanks, and no to exercising (no change there!) I’d just signed up to my first exercise class (Pilates – okay, not really exercise, but it’s serious progress to have signed up) due to start the week before lockdown.

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