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My Weekend Photo – Featuring Spring Shoots (And Baking).


I’ve never been more grateful for our little balcony than in the last few weeks  – even more so now the pea, lettuce, tomato and pepper seeds we planted have started to grow.

Since the weather has been so nice recently, I’ve taken to sitting out there for a few minutes each morning just taking it all in. Listening to the birds singing and feeling the sun on my face seems like a good way to start the day now we’re in no rush.


Freya sometimes comes and joins me – and we both use it throughout the day. I like that she gets to play with things growing around her.


One of our success stories has been the tomatoes. We didn’t have any seeds so my dad told me to cut one up and harvest them from inside. I got Freya to do this under the broad heading of ‘science’. It resulted in a lot of squealing about slime and she said she’s never going near a tomato again so I’m not sure it was entirely successful.

I washed the seeds she collected and then popped them in the fridge over night before planting them the next day. I didn’t do anything special, just left them on the window ledge and occasionally watered them. I was amazed and very pleased when they sprouted.


I’m looking forward to a nice salad…eventually.

Before that, we’ve been doing a fair amount of baking. Most recently with an Easter theme.IMG_0342

As we don’t get out much, I’ve been enjoying taking photos of every day stuff instead.


I hope you’re safe and well. How have you been staying busy during lockdown?




8 thoughts on “My Weekend Photo – Featuring Spring Shoots (And Baking).”

  1. Your tomato plant is amazing. I’m going to try it. It’s times like this I wish I was more creative but I never have been. So I’ve been reading mainly, though if I’m honest I’m getting a bit bored with it and I never thought I’d hear myself say that. I’ve just seen on Twitter an artist who’s painted pretty birds onto empty toilet roll tubes, they’re so pretty and she’s lined them all up on her mantle piece. I Rt’d them.


  2. It’s not all that different for me – all my fairs and appointments cancelled, but as my studio/workshop is at home, and #MrG is now designated a key worker, our daily routine’s not changed much. Although, I’m having to spend more time supporting my mum remotely and my neighbour semi-remotely 😉
    Once I got past the initial fortnight which is when I had to cancel the appointments I’m finding I have less time than usual, with all the additional phone calls and errands to run. Of course, I’m very grateful neither of us are on the real front line, and nearly as grateful for the allotment which e are still permitted to visit, and is providing us with fresh veg, and our neighbours with fresh rhubarb (I hate rhubarb!) Lovely photos.Thanks for sharing.


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