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My Weekend Photo – Featuring March Blossom.

IMG_0025 2

There is comfort in repetition and I found taking simple photos of the blossom again this year very calming – at least until I, once again, looked at the news.

How very different things were around this time last year!



I hope you’re all safe and well.


6 thoughts on “My Weekend Photo – Featuring March Blossom.”

  1. So pretty. Every few days, I take a break from the news (we’re on quarantine/physical distancing day 7) and go for a ride by the river, just to see trees as pretty as these. I’m happy to see spring is visiting you, too. Stay safe!


  2. So beautiful, Tara. I do hope your family is safe! We have colds ( seems like that with no fever) but are quarantining at home for our sake and the community’s. How is your family? Freya?❤️🙏


    1. Thank you! We are all ok at the moment. Mark is a key worker so still has to go in every day but Freya and I are tucked up at home. Hope you guys all stay well and safe.

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  3. Oh Tara, how I needed to see a photo like this! Anything to remind me of what is going on “out there” beyond the four walls of the house. Planning to take my camera out with me on my one permitted walk later.


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