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Easy Crafts: Simple Valentine’s Day Love Bug Garland.

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Love is in the air this week – at least if you visit the shops.

Two of the three of us in our house are not huge fans of Valentine’s Day and, in fact, don’t celebrate at all (Mark likes to say we show our love all year round).

Freya, on the other hand, is very keen but maybe that’s because she was born in Norfolk, which has some special traditions connected to February 14th?

One story features a mysterious character called Jack who would leave gifts and love tokens on doorsteps on Valentine’s Day but would then disappear after knocking so the recipient never knew who their admirer was. No one really knows where this legend has come from but it’s not just adults who benefited, in more modern times children were also left sweet treats.

So, in a nod to her heritage (and because it was too windy with Storm Ciara to venture outside on Sunday), we got the craft box out and set about making a love bug garland (sorry if some of the photos are a bit dark but that’s just how the day was).

IMG_9317 2

You will need:

Wool (ideally you won’t have to spend the first 15 minutes unravelling it first).


Googly eyes.



I know people get cross when bloggers explain simple things like they are the first person to ever do it but here’s something I didn’t know before Sunday, you can make wool pompoms without the cardboard (we tried to make it using a template once before but the entire thing fell apart!) or fancy pompom makers, using just your hands!


Just in case you’re like me and don’t know how to do it, you wrap the wool around some fingers until you’ve got a good amount. Carefully pull it off then tie a separate piece of string around the middle (we kept them long so we could use them to tie to the garland). Then cut through the loops and ta-dah, a pompom.




If you don’t want to make a garland, you could make some cardboard feet with a special message on the bottom to give to your nearest and dearest.

Are you a fan of Valentine’s Day? Are there any traditions/legends connected to it where you live?

Looking for some more easy Valentine’s Day crafts? I can help.


Chocolate cake toppers


Hearts and flower card (some of the products in this post were gifted).

Heart trees and sun catchers.

Salt dough hand prints

And my personal favourite, paper flowers (some of the products used were also gifted).




7 thoughts on “Easy Crafts: Simple Valentine’s Day Love Bug Garland.”

  1. A great post, Tara. I love the crafts and I’m sure your little daughter will enjoy making them. We always celebrate Valentine’s day as an anniversary of the first time we went out together.


  2. I’m not that crafty. The googly eyed creatures are just my speed. Thanks to you and Freya for the info. I’m going to totally make some, just for fun, for the whole year! 🙂


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