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A Return To Sewing: Attempting to Make Luna Lapin.


When I told my mum about the new book I received for Christmas, Making Luna Lapin by Sarah Peel, I could almost hear her tapping away on her iPad researching six week cruises to far away places without phone reception – possibly with good reason.

It’s been a while since I had the urge to sew (2016 to be exact) but something about Luna called to me and, with the confidence of the truly clueless, I set about making her.

Sadly, the sewing machine my mum bought me from a charity shop gave up the ghost some time ago (probably why I haven’t sewn anything in years) so I was going to have to do it all by hand.

With a vision of myself as a Victorian lady sat by the fireside in my stately home, patiently concentrating on my needlework, I got to it.


Soon enough it became clear that my limited skills were not going to produce the most atheistically pleasing bunny – it took four attempts to get the ear right (this was before I realised there was a ‘how to’ YouTube video) and three to work out how to sew the legs inside.

There were *a couple* of phone calls to my mum, asking for guidance.

The first Luna, I quickly decided, was supposed to be a prototype but as soon as I’d finished, Freya immediately fell in love (even though she has no face) and this Luna was carted everywhere (and gained lots of attention from people wanting to know who made her). Here she is having a nap in the car and then a breakfast juice at a restaurant.

To cover up my incredibly poor sewing, I thought I’d attempt to make her an outfit – only I seemed to have used up all my enthusiasm on the rabbit (typical gemini).

Coincidentally, we then went to my parents for New Year and guess what?!, completely by chance, I happened to bring the book, tracing paper and material with me.

My mum set up her fancy sewing machine with the words: “I’ll leave you to it” but I knew, if I made enough mistakes (which was easy), she would eventually come and take over help.

What would have taken me hours, literally took her 10 minutes (while also cooking dinner for five) and lovely Luna was the bell of the ball.

Now I had a rough idea of how to do it, I decided to make another, neater, version of Luna. This was aided by me picking up a tiny sewing machine in the Hobbycraft sale (£19.99). It was so (sew) much easier and Freya was also able to play a larger part in making this one (she’s much better at it than me already). We had a lovely time together.

In half the time, a new Luna (or Lavender as Freya decided to call her) had joined the family (and this one has eyes!).

Without my mum’s input, she has been clothed in a rather odd looking dress (it was supposed to have sleeves but they proved too tricky). Don’t worry, I’m saving it for my mum to fix when she next visits, which she seems rather reluctant to do.


I think she’s hoping my urge to sew has once again been sated for another four years but what she doesn’t know is that there’s a second book in the series – Luna Lapin’s Friends! Shh, don’t spoil the surprise.



5 thoughts on “A Return To Sewing: Attempting to Make Luna Lapin.”

  1. I don’t know, I’m with Freya; I rather like the eyeless Luna. I have a thing for primitive dolls and your rabbit is adorable. I used to sew a lot. I made several medieval dresses by hand (don’t ask me, I have no clue how I did it) and made a few dolls too. My favorite is still sitting with my books in the library. A labor of love.
    Lovely work. It reminded me of a children’s book, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate Di Camillo.


  2. How adorable! Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures with your new seeing machine!

    I got the book months ago and have been avoiding it- you’ve encouraged me to give it a go, thank you 🙂


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