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My Weekend Photo – Featuring Homemade Christmas Decorations.


Every year as we get the Christmas decorations down from the loft, there is added excitement as we unpack and get to see all the things we have made (and forgotten) since Freya was old enough to craft (so birth).

The peg advent calendar is still one of my favourtite things we have ever made (and it’s still going strong) but I also have some of the things I made as a child, including a snowman that never seems to age (wish I could say the same about me!).

This year, we decided to make some tree decorations from the air dry clay left over from the lovely leaf bowls and I’m so pleased with the way they turned out. We decorated our tree on Wednesday night and Freya was delighted to see the things she made taking pride of place. We’ve sent a couple to friends and used them as gift tags for teacher gifts too.

My mum is very particular about her tree (think colour co-ordinated) and I’m not sure if our tree is a reaction to that or whether I genuinely prefer a more…bohemian look.


How about you? Are you a fan of handmade Christmas decorations?



4 thoughts on “My Weekend Photo – Featuring Homemade Christmas Decorations.”

  1. Hi Tara – I still have some angels that a classmate gave me years ago – like 1995 – little white clay angel on a string and I think of her – and we have some wooden ones the boys painted – and many other homemade ones – so yes! big fan –
    and your air dry ones look great – and good idea to use some as gift tags


  2. Oh wow, that was air dried clay? I though they were made out of icing at first. You’re inspiring me Tara because guess what we have a massive lump of? Yup modelling clay! As it happens this year the girls have made their own Advent calendars and they look awesome.


  3. Your decorations are beautiful! We’re not a very homemade sort of family, but I do like a tree with a mish-mash of decorations from over the years. It’s nice to get a new one or two every year, so it is constantly evolving, but also has a few old favourites on it.


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