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My Weekend Photo – Featuring Fireworks.


Our (now sadly deceased) family dog was terrified of fireworks and it rather put me off them too.

I hadn’t been to any organised events since I was small before we had Freya. She likes them but only if they are not loud – which they mostly are these days.

As a final adventure before the end of half-term last week, we took a family trip to Pleasurewood Hills (or Pleasurewood Chills as it was rebranded for Halloween). We decided to stick around for their fireworks and I snapped a few pics.

I liked the sleeping theme park as the background.




Are you a fan of fireworks?

I’ll be quiet on here during November because I’m taking part in an unofficial National Novel Writing Month (I didn’t want the pressure of signing up for NanoWriMo but still wanted to write every day so I’m just joining in with friends). 



7 thoughts on “My Weekend Photo – Featuring Fireworks.”

  1. These are great photos – I think it’s very hard to get a decent photo of fireworks. The theme park in the background looks very ghostly! I do like fireworks, but we didn’t get to the big local display this year.


  2. I’m super sensitive to loud noises so I never was really a fan. When I was little, my dad had these noise-cancelling headphones I’d wear — way too big for my head, but they worked. I haven’t been to a fireworks show in decades. They do show them on TV here, though, for the big holidays, so that’s good enough for me. 🙂


  3. Ooooo! Long exposure shots! Love them. To be honest, this year I shot slo mo video of the fireworks rather than taking loads of pics but love the clour you’ve got here Tara.


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