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ARC Review: The Wishing Tree In Irish Falls.

wishingtreeIt was cold and grey outside with rain streaming down my windows like mini waterfalls but I had the perfect antidote in my hands – Jen Gilroy’s new book.

Reading The Wishing Tree In Irish Falls is like being wrapped in a fleece blanket and handed a cup of warm hot chocolate while sitting in front of a toasty wood burner with a dog (or cat, if you prefer) snuggled by your side.

It has everything I have come to expect from one of Jen’s books; a lovely small town with a thriving community, the odd eccentric tradition or two, a close-knit family, two complex main characters with challenges to overcome, romance and lots and lots of heart.

Here’s the blurb:

There’s a wishing tree in Irish Falls. The bits of paper tied to its gnarled branches hold the hopes and dreams of everyone in town . . . except Annie Quinn.

Single mom Annie has spent years rebuilding her life and trying not to have regrets. After giving up her dream of music stardom, she returned to her Adirondack hometown—and convinced herself she’s content with a simpler life.

The last thing she needs is a man to remind her of the heartbreak she left behind.

A divorced dad, Seth Taggart used to be a successful LA songwriter. But now his reputation is in tatters, he’s burnt-out, and estranged from his adult son. Inheriting a small-town radio station just might be the do-over he needs.

Although he always planned to go back to LA, when working with Annie turns into sharing music and more, Seth realizes second chances—and home—are where he least expects.

By the end of this book I wanted a lot of things – to live in Irish Falls, to make a wish on the wishing tree, to hear Annie sing, eat at Quinn’s Bakery, listen to Seth on the radio and pet Dolly the dog. Not once did I remember that this is a work of fiction – and that’s another of Jen’s skills. Setting the scene and making you feel at home is almost as important as her characters.

This is a sweet tale with a sprinkling of passion, just the right amount of drama and perfect happy ending.

What I’m most concerned with now is when I get to read Annie’s sister’s story (who just happens to be called Tara). I hope it’s soon!

Format: Kindle.

Price: £4.99 (or free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription).

My rating: Five stars.

With thanks to Jen and Soul Mate Publishing for the ARC in return for my honest review.


4 thoughts on “ARC Review: The Wishing Tree In Irish Falls.”

  1. The first thing I did this morning was check that Wishing Tree had arrived on my e-reader. This is a lovely review, Tara, and you’ve made me even more eager to read the book.


  2. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing ‘The Wishing Tree in Irish Falls,’ Tara and your kind words about my new book. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and appreciate you sharing it with readers here.


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