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My Weekend Photo – Featuring Prisma Pics.

IMG_5310It must have been a few years ago that the photo editing app, Prisma, was all the rage.

Like lots of people I enjoyed transforming some of my pictures into different styles. I recently opened it up again and had a play. I thought I’d share some of the results with you.




What do you think? Are you keen on playing around with your photos or do you prefer them as natural as possible?


7 thoughts on “My Weekend Photo – Featuring Prisma Pics.”

  1. I do keep mine natural – partly because I don’t have the time to fiddle around with them and I’m a real technophobe. These look really good though – I love the leaf angel and the skyline.


  2. I love playing around with editing software, it’s all experimental though so any good outcomes are purely accidental and impossible to replicate should I want to. I like these they have a metallic illusion to them, I especially like the first one.


  3. Well Tara, I play, play, play, play, play! Well, no. Sometimes I want my images straight out of camera but as I get used to using Photoshop I do like to test its capabilities. The Prism app isn’t pone I’m familiar with. Thie issue with Photoshop is that it is horrendously complex. I’ll bet Prism is much easier to use and the results look great. They could be a watercolour image. I’m all for it, keep having fun with your images!


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