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My Sunday Photo – Featuring London.


When my friend Emma first asked me if I fancied a (free) night away at a posh hotel in London my immediate thought was…sleep! I then told myself off. It’s London, for goodness sake, sleep should be the last thing on my mind. In my defence, I haven’t had an uninterrupted night since Freya was born – that’s six long, sleep deprived years.

As it happened we had a great trip with just the right amount of excitement and downtime, especially as our luxury hotel had a basement pool and spa, library,  10 restaurants and a private members’ club we had access to. Oh, and a lovely comfy bed. It’s probably the first time I’ve come back from London and felt refreshed.

Part of that had to do with the fact that, after visiting the Manolo Blahnik exhibition, we just wandered about for the most part. If something looked interesting we stopped (and, in my, case snapped a photo of it).

Leadenhall Market

Urban photography is completely alien to me and very exciting, which meant lots of photos (thank you to Emma for being so understanding).




Please pop back tomorrow when I have a Q&A with author Susanna Bavin about her decision to use the pen name, Polly Heron, for her new series of books.



10 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Featuring London.”

  1. Fabulous photos! That’s exactly what I like to do when I go to London – no real plans, just wander round and look at stuff and take photos of it! Glad you got a good night’s sleep too.


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