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My Weekend Photo – Featuring The Butterfly House At London Zoo.


It seems a bit odd to call it a butterfly house, given that it is actually a giant caterpillar you can walk through.

It was one of the hottest days of the year during our visit (and London Zoo’s Butterfly Paradise is already heated to 27C) so the butterflies were very busy flying about.


As you can imagine, I was in heaven. I went through three different times and could have quite happily spent my entire zoo visit there (not sure Freya and Mark would have been as happy).

There were some as big as my hand, which took some getting used to.




Did you know London Zoo created the first exhibit exclusively for invertebrates in 1981 – thought to be the first butterfly house in the world?



Definitely one to add to my list of happy places.

Where is the best place you have visited recently?



13 thoughts on “My Weekend Photo – Featuring The Butterfly House At London Zoo.”

  1. wow – a giant caterpillar you can walk through? sounds so cool and love the vibrant photos – esp the ones with the orange –
    and today – I tried getting a photo of a very fast yellow butterfly – small one – and not nearly as colorful as the ones on the butterfly house – but it was a happy one as it fluttered about.


  2. The photos are absolutely stunning! I can’t imagine a butterfly as big as my hand. I’m amazed that butterfly houses weren’t a thing before the 80s!


  3. That’s freaking beautiful. As someone who love nature, I absolutely love these picture. You really are a talented photographer. Great work!!


  4. Gorgeous photos. I love butterflies. My favourite happy place is probably a lavender farm between Scarborough and York. It’s called Wolds Way Lavender and you can walk amongst lavender and see all the bees buzzing but they’ve created a fabulous family setting. There’s a miniature train, a huge playground with a mud kitchen, and a maze filled with games for kids of all ages (including adult ones!) Played football golf there for the first time recently and haven’t laughed so much in ages!


  5. Wow, so impressive. I have taken some images in the Butterfly House before and it’s an amazing location. Your pictures are definitely better than anything i have taken. Sorry, not been very good at commenting on blogs over the summer break! Hoping to get back to it now.


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