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My Weekend Photo – Featuring a helter skelter in Norwich Cathedral.


Just popping in to say hello and share some photos of the 50ft helter skelter that has been temporarily installed in the nave at Norwich Cathedral.

Say what you like about it (and people have been saying a fair bit) but I have never seen the cathedral so busy – and we quite often wander around.

One of the negative comments about it has been that tourists don’t become Christians and maybe that’s true but I’m not a Christian and still enjoy visiting the cathedral, enjoying its peace, its history and contributing to its upkeep with donations. Surely that’s worth something?


What do you think? Is it an interesting way of allowing more people to enjoy the cathedral or a “distraction” from its real job.

Hope you are all enjoying the summer.

  • If you’re in Norwich, Seeing It Differently is on until August 18 and costs £2 a go. There are timed slots but it’s a first come first served basis.

10 thoughts on “My Weekend Photo – Featuring a helter skelter in Norwich Cathedral.”

  1. I think it is a good idea – and I am a christian but don’t connect cathedrals to the fiat I have – there is religion and then there is a personal faith that are very different – and I stayed away from faith for a long time because I saw “religion” – which is man made and often gaudy, tacky, wrong, oppressive, and just awful.
    Anyhow, also not sure how going to cathedral would make them christian – and here in the States – Philip Yancey wrote a book in the 90s (The Jesus I never knew) that really highlighted how many folks view churches – in the opening part of the book someone asked a down and out lady if she went to the church (down the street) for help – she looked shocked and then puzzled – “the church? why would I go there for help?
    and so many churches are country clubs and they are exclusive and want to help the world but not always with love and kindness – but with a judge message and in ways that they deem to be their outreach.
    Another book, Under the Overpass – which was a simple two-hour read – two guys shared their experience of traveling part of the US posing as homeless – and they had some unexpected findings about how little the church helped (wanted to preach about hell to them but nobody offered to replace their broken flip-flops) – the food in the park was one of the best outreaches they found, which was often sponsored by churches.

    so back to the post here – I am all for this installation


    1. Thank you for such a thoughtful answer. It has been interesting to hear all the different opinions about it. Next year the cathedral is hosting Dippy the dinosaur (who is touring the country) which should bring in many more people. I think it’s good that this historic and prominent building is being seen by lots of people.

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  2. I’ve just seen these photos on Instagram! I’m not a Christian, so to me it seems like a good idea. Why not do things a bit differently for a change?


  3. Hi Tara, if the helter-skelter attracts people into a church they may never have otherwise entered then it’s a good idea. I am in no way religious but that doesn’t mean that cathedrals shouldn’t be admired and appreciated and that can only be done from the inside really… Your first photo is really wow! I love the way you’ve captured the reflection of the helter-skelter.



  4. I think it’s a good idea, odd but good. It does look beautiful lit up like that. I think you hit the nail on the head there when you describe it as an historic and prominent building. It’s history, as is a helter skelter now, part of the heritage and culture of the area. It’s not just a place of worship so quite right that tourists and even historians should be able to admire the building no matter what their spiritual beliefs may be.


  5. First of all, lovely pictures! You’d captured great atmosphere in the images. As for the Helter Skelter and whether it should be in the cathedral…why not? I was speaking to one of my former church’s wardens some time ago. He explained to me that in the olden days churches were often the only large, stone, building to be found in a village. Not only were they used for worship, but for use as the local animal market. The idea that churches are solely for worship is quite modern and things are changing. You think a helter skelter is radical? Well, an old work colleague of mine became a man of the cloth and is famous for holding a beer festival in his church!


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