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Strumpshaw Tree Fair.


A last minute freelance story with a tight deadline – not least because Freya finished school on Wednesday for the summer – has kept me busy this week (although I loved writing it so I’m not complaining).

Before that, we spent a brilliant day at Strumpshaw Tree Fair and I thought I’d share some photos with you today to give you a flavour of what it’s like.

While the fair is in its fourth year, this was our first visit but we will definitely be going back next year. I loved it. It had such a lovely family atmosphere and there was something for everyone.

As an added bonus, you could look around Strumpshaw Steam Museum as part of the entry fee (although that deserves a post of its own).


Billed as “a celebration of wood, crafters, artisans and very talented people”, it does that and a whole lot more. Freya had a brilliant day which included having a henna butterfly painted by Nadia, who we usually visit at Norwich Market, joining in with Morris Dancing, being part of an axe throwing act (don’t worry, all was well) and riding the vintage fairground.



IMG_2342 2

IMG_2356 2


I’m afraid it will be a little quiet on here for the next month or so as I concentrate on spending some quality time with Freya. I hope you’ll stick with me. I’ll be back in September with a week of book reviews (there are some wonderful new books coming out). If you miss me, there’s always Instagram.

Have a lovely summer.


3 thoughts on “Strumpshaw Tree Fair.”

  1. Good morning Tara, what a fun festival. A little Morris dancing, a little body painting and a little axe throwing (that did make me smile). The henna butterfly is lovely (wish I could paint like that!). Have a wonderful summer with Freya and hope the weather is good.



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