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England’s Blooming Grass Verges.


“Verges can be wonderful roadside mini-meadows, a crucial habitat for wild flowers and the wealth of wildlife they support.” – Plantlife.

There’s a bit of argy-bargy at the moment over whether councils should cut roadside verges.

According the the BBC, since 2013 the British conversation charity, Plantlife, has been campaigning for councils to let them grow wild. However, not everyone is pleased that it seems to be taking off – with some residents claiming safety reasons and untidiness for complaints.



I think you can tell which side I am on.



I spotted this little area, set back from the road on a wide corner, on the way home from the gym and couldn’t resist going back with my camera (and Freya and Mark) last night. I personally think, as long as it’s safe, let them grow. It creates valuable habitats, looks pretty and saves councils money.


What do you think? Are you in favour of them? Or do you think they just look a mess?



5 thoughts on “England’s Blooming Grass Verges.”

  1. Totally in favour of them! lovely pics. I can understand the need for regular cutting around junctions or sharp bends, but other than that, I love wildness. Great blog!


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