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My Weekend Photo – Featuring The Beach.


We picked Freya up from school on Friday and made straight for the beach (we even checked the tide times to make sure there would be sand).

It was a gorgeous evening in Sheringham – although the tide came in quite quickly so after an hour on the beach we went into the town to find some food.

As a result of sinkhole opening up, part of the high street is closed to cars at the moment. In their place are picnic tables, which is where we sat and ate our delicious food from Fat Ted’s Streat Food. While I wouldn’t wish a sinkhole on anyone I much prefer it this way.


This next photo would be better without the bars but, as they stop us from falling over the cliff, I’m not going to complain.


Loads of people were swimming, even as we left for the night. The sea was lovely and warm.

Hope you have a great week.


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