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Book Review: Instructions For Falling In Love Again.

instructionsLucy’s Mitchell’s debut is written straight from the heart – and it shows.

I was only on page two when her story had me welling up. I had no doubt from that point on that reading Instructions For Falling In Love Again was going to be a treat.

It didn’t disappoint.

It is funny, emotional, heartwarming and a proper page-turner. I really struggled to put it down.

Here’s the blurb.

What would you do if your late husband left you a list of instructions on how to fall in love with someone else?
Pippa Browning is faced with this exact dilemma, three years after the death of her husband, Dan.
Buried at the bottom of a drawer are a collection of notebooks full of Dan’s advice on how to live without him.
Pippa’s notebook is red and contains his instructions on how to fall in love again.
But Dan doesn’t just want Pippa to fall in love with anyone – Dan’s crazy suggestion is that Pippa should date his handsome friend, Mikey Stenton, a known thrill-seeking ladies’ man.
Reluctant to follow Dan’s advice, Pippa enters the world of dating. She embarks on a humorous journey of self-discovery, with the help of her children and two best friends.
It isn’t long before Pippa is finding it hard to ignore Dan’s instructions and Mikey Stenton.
Is Mikey really the man that everyone thinks him to be? Or was Dan right, and Mikey’s simply been misunderstood?

Pippa is so easy to relate to and like and, even though Mikey is ‘a bit of a one’, as my mum would say, I could see what Dan was thinking right from the start.

The story is aided by a wonderful supporting cast – and I’m not just saying that because one key character is called Tara. I hope we find out Mel and Emma’s stories next.

Although you hope you know what’s going to happen in the end, there are many twists and turns in this lively tale which keep things interesting.

I know from reading Lucy’s popular blog, Blonde Write More, that her journey to publication hasn’t been easy. I think she deserves a round of applause for getting up again after taking the knock-backs, pushing forward and, most of all, believing in herself and her writing talent. It has paid off. She’s not only a published author (and a successful one at that) but an inspiration to the rest of us.

Format: Kindle.

Price: £1.99.

My rating: Five stars.

Lucy kindly took part in my Behind The Book series as she was writing her debut. You can read more here.


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