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My Weekend Photo – Featuring More Flowers.


All I seem to be taking photos of at the moment is flowers, sorry!

This week I’ve got a selection for you. Some were taken close to home (like the rose which was John’s suggestion from last week) and others were taken further away, during a visit to Alby Gardens  – although the wild flowers were on the grass verge outside. Aren’t they amazing!? It was well worth braving the stinging nettles (in shorts).




Hope you’ve had a great week.




7 thoughts on “My Weekend Photo – Featuring More Flowers.”

  1. Beautiful photos! That rose really is ‘after the rain’. I love the wildflowers. I’d hoped to grow something like that in my garden. Something HAS grown, but they haven’t bloomed yet, so I’m not sure what they’re going to be!


  2. The thing about flowers though Tara is that they are just awesome to photograph! I am impressed, love the colours of the wild flowers. Love the fact you’ve photographed some in the rain also.


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