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A Hap-pea Weekend Photo.

IMG_0716 2

You might remember, when Freya had chicken pox earlier this year we did a little session on plant life cycles and planted some sweet pea seeds at the end of it.

As she seemed to enjoy it, once she was better, we also had a go at garden peas, carrots and, even more recently, poppies.

Much to my surprise everything has grown. All the effort of bringing troughs in at night (and finding somewhere to put them) to avoid the frosts and remembering to water them has been worth it (even though our balcony looks a bit jungle-like at the moment and there isn’t much room to play).

Last night, Freya ate our first home-grown pea. She said it tasted delicious.

While I don’t think we are quite self-sufficient just yet (isn’t that the dream?) watching them progress from small seeds to actual edible peas has been quite exciting. When we came back from holiday to find our first proper pea growing, we both let out a little squeal.




IMG_0358 2

IMG_0354 2

IMG_0718 2

Hope you have had a great week.


6 thoughts on “A Hap-pea Weekend Photo.”

  1. What a lovely thing to do, even with the hassle of bringing them in at night! My little nephew, who is 4, absolutely loves growing vegetables.


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