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My Weekend Photo – Featuring Wisteria.


It might have been raining – as it seems to have been most of May so far – but that didn’t deter me from jumping out of the (parked) car to take some snaps of the wisteria in Norwich city centre.

It was fairly early on a Sunday morning and I’d already made a stop at some pink blossom but I can never resist wisteria. Mark and Freya stayed in the car, eager to get to the restaurant where we were going to have some breakfast.


Then, on a slightly better day, I spotted some more on a trip to the park.



I’m hoping to drag Mark and Freya back to get a family photo here.

Hope you have had a great week.


8 thoughts on “My Weekend Photo – Featuring Wisteria.”

  1. Absolutely beautiful! It would make a great setting for a family photo. You’d better get there quick before the blossom falls.


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