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My Weekend Photo – Featuring Monkeys.


As I’ve mentioned before, a trip to the zoo isn’t top of my list of things to do but Freya has been asking to go for a while – and as she had Thursday off because her school was used as a polling station, I bit the bullet.

I’m not sure why she wanted to go because her aversion to cats, dogs and pigeons apparently extends to birds of prey, tigers and giraffes, so we spent a lot of time in the play area. I’m wondering if we can volunteer at a cat adoption centre or something in the summer to try and help ease her fear.

I didn’t take many photos but the monkeys were playing right next to where I was standing and I couldn’t resist this little face.


Hope you have had a good week. Sorry for the lack of posts. I’m having a blog rethink (more soon).




11 thoughts on “My Weekend Photo – Featuring Monkeys.”

  1. If my memory serves me correct they’re Spider Monkeys. They were my favourite as a child when we used to visit Paignton Zoo. You could feed the animals back then and they loved grapes. They were so gentle with their little hands poking through the bars to take the grapes.


  2. That is a stunning photo! My daughter isn’t keen on animals either, although she is better than she was!


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