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We took advantage of the Twilight Ticket at Norwich Castle this week (visit an hour before closing and pay £2 each). It’s the perfect amount of time for Freya at the moment.

We left at kicking out time but, as it was such a nice day, had a walk around the outside of the castle before going home. For some reason, I’ve never done this before. The views over Norwich are stunning but what really caught my eye was the blossom in Castle Meadow below, which is a busy street with lots of bus stops. After a closer look, I then spotted bluebells on the grass bank.


I only had my phone on me that day and, as good as the iPhone is, it didn’t quite get the images I wanted so on Friday we popped into the city (and while Freya and Mark looked in the bookshop, I snapped a few more pics).




Hard to believe this is in the city centre.

Have you had a good week? What have you been taking photos of?