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Blue Sky, Busy Bees And Blossom.

Bee bums are just the cutest thing, don’t you think? No, just me?

There’s a tree at the end of our road we like to call the Fire Tree, because in autumn its leaves turn the most vibrant red. As it turns out, it also looks rather lovely in spring too. It had been taunting me with its pink blossom for a week and, after the school run one day, it was the perfect time to take some photos.

Initially, one of the other mums and her little boy stopped with me while I snapped some shots. I let the little one take a photo, which he was pleased about. Then another mum and her little boy came and he snapped one too. It was nice to have some company and not look like the crazy blossom lady.


I was really pleased the way they came out. There isn’t any filter on these photos, it was just how the day was.

If you follow me on social media you will have seen some of these already (sorry) but I wanted to pop them on the blog anyway.



The blossom is definitely fading a little now and the leaves are properly coming through. Here’s one from today, taken on my phone (notice the lack of blue sky).



12 thoughts on “Blue Sky, Busy Bees And Blossom.”

  1. I can imagine how good it felt to finally get there to get the pictures.
    and I never grow tire of this kind of blooming tree (is this a cherry)
    the second photo here is my fav – and thanks – I needed the pink today


  2. They’re such beautiful photos! This is my absolute favourite type of blossom. I think you literally get about three days of it looking at its absolute best before it starts to fall.
    How lovely that the little boys and their mums joined you.


  3. I can see why you call it the fire tree. That must look amazing when completely red. I love, love, love the image of the bee (or wasp??) coming in to land. You had that timed superbly well Tara.


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