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My Weekend Photo – Featuring The V&A, London.


It was a world first. A clever way to entice visitors into the South Kensington Museum, as the V&A was known then, to experience all the cultural delights on offer.

What do you think I’m talking about? Huge sculptures? Breathtaking art?

Actually, Henry Cole, the founding director, made sure the first thing visitors in the 1860s saw was the museum restaurant.

According to the V&A website:

When entering the Museum from the garden, the public were greeted not by galleries but by three arches with glass screen doors that led to a trio of refreshment rooms. Henry Cole’s concept of a museum restaurant was seen as a way of encouraging people to come and enjoy culture. Cole had learnt about visitors’ needs (tea and a bun or a hot meal) while managing the Great Exhibition in 1851. Most other museums did not invest in catering until the 20th century.

The “refreshment rooms” still lure people from all over the world who come to visit. It was so busy in there on Wednesday afternoon, I would have avoided it had it not been for a tip from Dawn.


I actually stopped in my tracks with an “oh, wow” when I first saw The Gamble Room. Its opulence is a stark contrast to the plain food serving area. I was desperate to get in and have a closer look but there wasn’t a space to be had – and the same with the other ornate rooms. So I just stood amid the chatter and clatter of forks on plates and admired it for a minute or so.



If you’re interested, you can find out more about the world’s first museum cafe here.

I enjoyed wandering the collections and especially a fascinating free lunchtime lecture, entitled Fashioning The Consumptive Chic – Beauty And Disease In Early Victorian England (it sounds weird but it was brilliant) by Carolyn Day.

However, what really enchanted me were the museum buildings. It was like they were in competition with the collections they house and my poor little brain couldn’t take it. I could have spent all day just taking photos of hallways and ceilings.




It was my first visit to the V&A but it won’t be my last. We had such a lovely day in London.

What have you been up to this week?






14 thoughts on “My Weekend Photo – Featuring The V&A, London.”

  1. Tara – enjoyed this and i can see how the buildings are art too – also – love learning about the clever idea to have the restaurants like that – so ahead of the curve with that idea – 🙂


  2. You don’t want to know what I’ev been up to tara! Had a nightmare week. Anyway, loev these images. I love the V&A too. I never used to go with the kids, always going to the Science or Natural History Museums over the road. A year or so ago we went to the V&A and had a marvellous time (….you can just walk straight in of course, no queues!). Love the stair cases and architectural details you’ve caught here.


  3. I’ve never been to the V&A, but it looks like a stunning building. Who would have thought that there was a time when museums didn’t have cafes?!


  4. That last photo’s a beauty. Well done.

    There’s a church here that was turned into a restaurant. Cool vibe and amazing stained glass.


    1. Thank you! The church restaurant does sound cool. I love places like that – although I’m not sure people are that keen on me taking photos when they are eating. Hehe.

      Liked by 1 person

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