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My Weekend Photo – March 24th, 2019.

The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.

I had almost given up hope of taking any blossom photos this week. There’s some around where we live but it’s all in people’s gardens and I didn’t think they’d be pleased with me just walking in with my camera.

However, on the walk to pick Freya up from school on Friday night, I noticed a sprig of cherry blossom on the ground. It had either snapped off in the wind or someone had pulled it off. Either way I wasn’t going to just leave it there. Once home again, I popped it in a tub of water and it revived beautifully.



I’ve pressed a couple of the buds as I’m attempting to make my mum a Mother’s Day gift. My first attempt didn’t turn out quite as I’d wanted but I’ve been adding to it and it’s looking better now.

After ballet yesterday we had a wander around Norwich and Chapelfield Gardens was awash with spring flowers.




IMG_6674 2

IMG_6690 2

Has spring sprung where you are? If you’re in the same hemisphere as me.





13 thoughts on “My Weekend Photo – March 24th, 2019.”

  1. spring has not sprung here as much as where you are… but we do have some buds.
    And how fortuitous to find the branch like that (so cool) and then for you to value it. Love the photo with the child holding the glass (omg it is nice) and this post makes me say “spring is alive”


  2. Lovely photos, captured beautifully. The daffodils are tall, but still closed. It’s supposed to be 70+ degrees next weekend. I suppose they’ll say hello then. 🙂


  3. I love cherry blossom! We had a tree at our old house and I always miss it at this time of year. It’s a shame we can’t just walk onto people’s gardens to photograph their blossoms!


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