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A Windy Afternoon At West Runton Beach.


It seemed relatively calm in Norwich after several very windy days so we thought it would be nice on the coast yesterday.

While the sky was blue and the sun was out (until it hailed), it was fairly cold and definitely windy at West Runton beach – although you won’t hear me complaining because it made for some lovely photos.

As I didn’t manage a My Weekend Photo, after a mega busy week, I thought I’d share some with you today.







I shouldn’t laugh at this next one but Mark had just warned Freya to be careful as the sea was coming up high and then this happened.


Notice who isn’t in wet weather gear (thankfully he remembered to bring trousers and socks to change into and had spare shoes in the car). Freya’s pink waterproofs are getting a tad small but despite having a purple replacement pair she insists on wearing them. I’m learning that five-year-olds can be pretty stubborn.

What did you get up to at the weekend?


11 thoughts on “A Windy Afternoon At West Runton Beach.”

  1. oh the pink boots are great – and she must love them and you get a gold star for letting her indulge (until she can’t squeeze them on anymore – ha)
    and that photo with the two of them is pure joy.
    all the photos are a splash of nature -enjoyed them


  2. Beautiful photos! I can just imagine how cold and windy it was. It must be nice to have Freya all better again.


    1. There were waves but I don’t think I would want to be out on them 🙂 I’ve seen people surfing in Norfolk before but I’m not sure it’s that exciting most of the time.


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