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The Plant Life Cycle.


“Where do you think seeds come from?”

After thinking for a moment, Freya said: “Well, we got some from the shop last year.”

To be fair, she had a point, but I was thinking about it in a more natural sense. As she’s had a week off school with the pox, I did a little lesson on the plant life cycle, followed by planting some sweet pea seeds my dad gave us and re-potting our sunflowers.

I planned it all out the night before and I imagined it would take the best part of the morning. We started at 9am, shortly after a friend popped in for 10 minutes before we got back to it but by 10.15am we were already done – and that’s including colouring, cutting, sorting, counting, watching a short video three times, more colouring, a quiz and potting all the plants. Teachers, I take my hat off to you. I don’t know how you do it.







I think she enjoyed herself and I definitely feel like she learnt a few things – as did I. As I was planning it, I started to ponder where the first ever seed came from. I then fell down the Google hole but it was all interesting stuff. I love learning new things – and I especially love learning with her.

And, just to end the week nicely, on Friday morning we woke to find the first little heads popping up.


Are you growing your own this year? I think we might have to give some of ours away, otherwise our balcony will be like a jungle.


3 thoughts on “The Plant Life Cycle.”

  1. Ooo, good question to ask Freya. I shall ask my kids and see what answer I get. I shall not be growing from seeds but will grow tomato plants in pots from plugs. I like to do this and show the kids where their food comes from.


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