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A Beautiful Spring Morning By The River In Norwich.

Pulls Ferry.

We had to drop Mark off at work this morning but on the way there the reflections on the river caught my eye and, as we had nothing to rush home for, I suggested to Freya we get a little fresh air.

After a week mostly spent inside getting over her chickenpox, she was all for it. And what a morning it was. Norwich was looking glorious and I also got to pet some lovely friendly dogs out for their walks.




I’ve shared these shots on social media but, just in case you’re not following me, I thought I’d pop them here too.


11 thoughts on “A Beautiful Spring Morning By The River In Norwich.”

  1. Beautiful photos. I like the one of the tree reflecting in the water. This is one of the downfalls of the internet. Yesterday on Facebook, Devon were showing off their sunny weather. It’s been grey, cold and constant rain where I live since Sunday. I knew we’d suffer for the bout of warm weather we had.


    1. Oh no, hopefully it will be brighter for your soon. If it makes you feel better, it had clouded over by lunchtime and then rained at night.


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