We thought Freya had already had a mild case of chickenpox as a toddler but it seems we were mistaken because she definitely has it now.

I’ll admit I freaked out just a tiny bit when I saw the first of what turned out to be several   little blisters on Friday. I cancelled my work plans, raced off to the shops and loaded up on calamine, oats and Calpol. As it turns out, while the spots continue to appear, Freya doesn’t seem ill with it. At all. As always, if anything, I’d say she has even more energy than usual. Of course, we can’t go anywhere, so keeping her entertained has been…challenging.

Anyway, yesterday my mum and dad came to see her, which she was delighted about. Mark and I popped out for an hour to get some fresh air at our old favourite, Strumpshaw Fen.

IMG_5514 2

The weather has returned to what I would consider much more normal for this time of year so it was a bit of a dreary day (no butterflies yesterday). Nevertheless, there were still lots of things to photograph.


In fact, I had so many photos that I thought I’d have a go at a little video. It’s the first one I’ve done like this (and obviously I’m an amateur at both photography and video). What do you think? It seems a good way to make use of the millions of pictures I take without just posting them one by one.