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My Weekend Photo – February 16th, 2019.


I bought a flower press as a present for a friend but ended up keeping it for myself (oops). Don’t worry I got her something else.

Freya and I recently tried it out and this is our first result. We only left it a week because that’s all the patience a five-year-old has – and even that was pushing it – but I’m still quite pleased with the way it turned out.

Here’s a before:


I’ve just pressed a few more (shh, don’t tell Freya) and hope to keep them in there for two or three weeks. My idea is to make an F and then pop it in a box frame for her room.

Have you ever pressed any flowers? Any tips?



6 thoughts on “My Weekend Photo – February 16th, 2019.”

  1. Both pictures are lovely. And I’m sure she’ll love the flower art once it’s done. Good for you for being a lil’ sneaky to outwit her 5-year-old patience!


  2. It looks good! I love your idea of making an F for her. I used to press flowers between books as a kid. My own kids wouldn’t believe that was as good as entertainment got in the 80s!


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