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Book Review: Bad At Love.

badatloveIt’s very hard not to start with a bee-pun (if you read the book, you’ll get it) but I am resisting (so far) because I seriously loved this story.

Friends to lovers is one of my favourites, especially when it’s as good as Bad At Love. 

I’ve read a few of Karina Halle’s books now but this one tops my list at the moment.

Here’s the blurb:

She’s bad at love, but he’s even worse…

Marina is hot, blonde, and wickedly smart, but when it comes to men? She’s hopeless. Between her quirks and her lack of filter, there isn’t a man in Los Angeles that will stick around after the third date.

Her handsome, charming friend Lazarus has the opposite problem. Everyone wants to be the sexy Brit’s girlfriend, but he gets bored and moves on quickly.

There’s only one way to figure out why neither of them has cracked this love thing– they’ll date each other. On paper, it’s the perfect experiment. But in reality, things between Marina and Laz get complicated quickly.

They might be bad at love, but they are even worse at being friends.

Marina and Laz are fabulous, well rounded, realistic characters who each have their share of darkness and light.

The story is wonderfully told and the writing is zippy and entertaining. There were also some truly beautiful passages which genuinely made me stop and re-read them.

It’s an exciting tale bursting with chemistry, some swoon-worthy moments, a lot of heat and some swearing, along with tears and laughter too. 

A side note on the bees. Marina is a bee keeper, it’s more than a job, it’s clearly her passion for all sorts of reasons. I’m a fan of bees but even I didn’t know some of the facts she comes out with. Like her, I can’t help but think if more people knew this stuff, we’d be doing even more to help these essential insects.

None of what she shares in the book felt like a lecture, it all fit in perfectly. Inspired by Marina, here are some honey bee facts for you.


An all round bee-rilliant book! (Sorry, I just couldn’t stop myself!).

Format: Kindle.

Price: £3.02 (via Amazon).

My rating: Five stars.

If you want to learn more about helping bees, especially in the UK, please click here to visit the Friends the Earth site which is full of info.


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