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Easy Children’s Bedroom Art.

How do you feel about plain walls? If I see one I immediately want to fill it with pictures but Mark likes to leave them boring bare.

We’ve managed to compromise in the living room with one wall full of photos but I see Freya’s room as fair game – especially if she makes the ‘art’ herself.

I can’t take any credit for this craft idea, it comes from this post via Pinterest. It’s so easy but a lot of fun to make. As Valentine’s Day is coming up again, I thought it would also be fun to get children to make cards for their friends in this style (although I’d check the masking tape doesn’t tear the paper first).

You will need:

Canvas or paper.


Masking tape.

Stampers, cotton wool and pegs or fingers.

How to make:


We bought a couple of canvases (£2 each from The Works) and set about creating the word love and a heart on each using the tape.

I had imagined a colourful rainbow creation but, of course, Freya wanted dark pink, light pink and purple. I tipped the three colours into pots (actually the old pots her dummies came in). I attached small balls of cotton wool to pegs and let her dip and splodge…at least until I remembered that we had actual sponge stampers (doh!).


After they dried, it was time to pull the tape off and hope that none of the paint was underneath. Surprisingly, ours were beautiful and white.


Freya’s pretty good with a toy hammer so I thought I’d teach her how to put up a picture. My thumb is slightly sore now (just kidding). She’s thrilled at having her work up on the wall. I’m a bit worried she might start charging people an entrance fee to come and see them.

img_3997 2

Job done. Plain wall made beautiful.

Are you a fan of minimalist walls or do you prefer to adorn them?






3 thoughts on “Easy Children’s Bedroom Art.”

  1. That’s lovely, I really like the colours. I like to put things on walls. We decorated our bedroom before Christmas. One part had to be plastered as there was an ominous crack in it. Then we painted. It was a beautiful wall, smooth and without blemish. But the picture I wanted to put up needed to go where it had been plastered. Now it wasn’t me that knocked that nail in and I did say leave it if it’s a problem. There is now a chunk of plaster missing behind said picture on my otherwise beautiful blemish free wall which will now have to stay there for ever. So maybe your husbands right and walls are best left alone. 😕


    1. Oh no! Hopefully you can change the picture if you get bored of it. I’m a dab hand with polyfilla so I can fix small holes but big ones I think I would hide too.


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