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My Sunday Photo – October 21st, 2018.


Mark and I grabbed a coffee on Wednesday and planned to go and sit and drink it by the river at Thorpe Green. Of course, as soon as we arrived it started to rain (it was 20C the day before) so we had a quick walk along the bank instead.


I always think the light is nicer when the sky is grey, it seems to make the reflections stand out more.


How cute is Buzz the boat? We also had some nosy ducks float alongside us.


Hope you have had a good week.

To see what other people have photographed this week, please click on the camera below.

Please pop back tomorrow for another of my Behind The Book posts. I’ve interviewed children’s author C G Stewart.




20 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – October 21st, 2018.”

  1. A photographer once told me the enemy of photography is bright sunlight! Grey sky can be perfect. Shame about the rain but you have captured some amazing images here. Buzz the Boat and the background there are just amazing. Also love the detail in the duck image. great pics Tara. #mysundayphoto


    1. Thank you, John. I hadn’t heard that before but I definitely agree. We get a lovely light in our living room when it’s a grey day, perfect for portraits.


  2. Hi Tara, what lovely photos, particularly that top one, the path, the light on the water, the tree and boats, make for a very nice scene. I do agree about the light, bright light kills colour and reflections.




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