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My Sunday Photo – October 14th, 2018.


What a week. I was struck down with Freya’s school germs last Sunday and couldn’t even get out of bed. She was then sent home from school again on Wednesday but I’m pretty sure something else, other than illness, is going on – especially as I had to leave her sobbing my name on Thursday and Friday, which has never happened before. It was heartbreaking.

It’s safe to say I was very pleased when the weekend arrived. To kick it off we went to Cromer on Friday night where is was 18C at 6pm in October! We were on the beach, making sandcastles with no coats in sight. It seemed crazy (but very enjoyable). The shot above is taken from the pier. It’s not technically perfect but I really liked the way it came out. It reminds me of an oil painting.

I hope you’ve had a better week than us.

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22 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – October 14th, 2018.”

  1. Poor Freya. I hope you are both better now and there isn’t anything else happening. I love the lights in both of your photos and the reflections in the first. #mysundayphoto


  2. Love the colours in your photos. Especially the arty interpretation. Glad you’re feeling BB5 better now and hope Freya explains what is wrong and you can help her work things out soon. It’s so difficult to see them go through hard times.


  3. Hi Tara, sorry to hear you’ve had a bad week, but making sandcastles on the beach in October without a coat in sight sound sounds the perfect end to the week! I do hope that there is nothing going on in school that would unsettle Freya like that, fingers crossed she’s just under the weather. Your photo does look like an oil painting. I like the squiggles of light on the blurred background.




  4. Oh that is horrible when something is wrong at school and they start not wanting to go. In the end I mived my son to a new school as the one he was at didn’t seem interested in my concerns and it never happened again. Best decision I ever made



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