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My Sunday Photo – September 30th, 2018.


A bit random this week but I’ve been loving the autumnal light and couldn’t resist having a bit of a play with the leaves and things Freya and I have collected on our walks to and from school.



To me it seems like the leaves have started changing colour earlier this year, not that I’m complaining.




We are going to plant the acorn and see if it grows.

Hope you’ve had a good week. Don’t forget to click on the camera below to see what other people have submitted for My Sunday Photo.




27 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – September 30th, 2018.”

  1. Fantastic, I especially like the first acorn one. We are knee deep in confers here and I’m a little bit sad because we used to have baskets full of them all over the house when the teens were small, only the one I picked up this year.


    1. Hah! Yes, ours is definitely taking longer too – although it’s usually me stopping to take photos (we’ve been late once because of that, oops).


  2. The leaves definitely started falling early this year and I saw conkers on the ground in July. Good luck with the acorn growing attempt. very autumnal selection of images. The lcour of those leaves is stunninh Tara.


  3. From little acorns grow mighty Oaks. Be careful where you plant it 🙂 Lovely photo’s. Trees round here (of which there are many!)seem to be late changing colour. Fruit bearing trees and hedges have just gone crazy this year.


  4. Hi Tara, lovely autumnal colours and the light this time of year really shows them off nicely. Good luck with your acorn planting. Who knows one day you may be taking your grandchildren to pick leaves that have fallen from the mighty oak you planted!… It may even be big enough to climb!

    #MySundayPhoto x


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