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My Sunday Photo – August 26th, 2018.


Freya is finally five! She has been waiting so SO long for this day. All of her school friends  are five already and she’s been asking since January: “Why isn’t it my birthday yet?”

As we recently spent the week in such an usual environment (for us) I couldn’t resist getting some birthday photos. You can see what else we got up to in Wales here, if you’re interested.

Hope you’re enjoying the summer.

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30 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – August 26th, 2018.”

  1. Ah, Wales, where I’m heading shortly. Happy birthday Freya. Certainly a superb location to take some memorable birthday pics. That is a truly stunning location.


  2. Happy Birthday Freya, reaching 5 years old is such a momentous occasion for any young lady. Is she already planning her 6th Birthday? My daughters always planning her next birthday and usually starts planning in the days after her previous birthday – girls! Lovely photo to celebrate #mysundayphoto


  3. Hi Tara, I love this photo. Freya stood in the ‘wilderness’ in her pretty dress clutching her 5 and being distracted by something behind her is so childlike, it’s lovely. Happy Birthday, Freya!




  4. Yes to this, awesome photo. It feels like a fairy tale

    Have a good Sunday and thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto


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