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My Sunday Photo – May 27th, 2018.


“Oh, you’ve just missed one,” has been a familiar sentence for the last two years.

It seems I was always in the right place but at the wrong time to see a swallowtail butterfly – until this week.

Mark had Monday off and we went to Strumpshaw Fen where there had been reports of a swallowtail or two being ‘on the wing’. I have to say, I didn’t have much hope – especially as the sun went behind the clouds just as we arrived.

We walked to the spot where they had been sighted (and where a little cluster of photographers with huge lenses were camped) and after about a minute one flew in. Honestly, my heart soared at the sight of it – especially after the stress of last week.

We stopped long enough for me to snap a couple of photos and then carried on our walk. I was deliriously happy. Then, as we were walking along, another flew over the top of us. My shriek of delight probably scared most of the wildlife in the vicinity away.

I did spot this little one fluttering about.

IMG_4564 2

A nice man, who we had been chatting to about the butterflies, told me it was a banded demoiselle. Isn’t he stunning? Nice man showed me the photos he had taken on his camera with his big lens and the detail was mind-blowing.

Still, I’m pleased with what I snapped. I think this one might be a favourite.

IMG_4569 2

I hope you’ve had a good week. Please click on the camera below to see what other people have submitted for Darren’s My Sunday Photo link up.


22 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – May 27th, 2018.”

  1. Well done! They are extremely hard photos to capture! I love the butterfly, amazing detail. #MySundayPhoto


  2. Wow, what a brilliant day of photography for you! I’ve never even seen a swallowtail before, let alone managed to photograph one!


  3. HI Tara, stunning photos! The bottom image of the banded demoiselle is my favourite, and I do believe it’s actually posing for you. The name, Strumpshaw Fen, makes me smile everytime you mention it… This weekend, whilst walking the dogs in the hills, I discovered an area full of butterflies (and squealed with delight too), there were various species, but I did notice the lack of swallowtails. My guess is that whatever was attracting the others doesn’t attract them. Luckily the dogs don’t seem drawn to chasing them either.



  4. Beautifully detailed photos. I love the first one, to get two at once is some going.

    Have a good Sunday and thank you for linking up to #MySundayPhoto


  5. such stunning colours, at right place right time has given you some amazing pictures. . Just proves you dont need an expensive camera and big lens they have come out great with your phone. I dont get this near to dragonflies as their bite for me is quite unpleasant.


    1. Thank you. It was on my big camera, just not as big as theirs. I don’t think I’d have got near it with my phone. I didn’t know dragonflies were biters!


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