My lovely dad was taken into hospital on Monday afternoon with suspected meningitis.

Freya and I rushed the 50 odd miles back to Ipswich that night and have been there all week, mostly going backwards and forwards to hospital several times a day. Thankfully, it wasn’t meningitis after all and he finally came home yesterday after being treated for pneumonia.

While he’s been away it was up to my mum and I to try and keep his beloved garden alive. As neither of us are green fingered, it has involved much Googling of things such as “do we need to water potatoes” (yes, yes you do). Aside from the pear tree which has been ravaged by marauding caterpillars, all seems well.

Freya has delighted in having a garden to play in and especially in being allowed to water the plants (and herself). We used quite a bit of the water which had collected in the water butts.


We left in such a hurry that I didn’t have time to pack my camera (or coats, socks and t-shirts for Freya) but I snapped these on my iPhone. The light in the evening was beautiful.

I hope you’ve all had a good week. To see what other people have submitted for My Sunday Photo click on the camera below.

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