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My Sunday Photo – April 22nd, 2018.

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While we were away on our foggy holiday in north Norfolk we made a trip to Amazona Zoo in Cromer where I completely and utterly fell in love with the baby mara.

The Patagonian mara are funny little things. They seem like a sort of rabbit, sort of deer cross (wouldn’t want to think about that too much). They wander the zoo freely and the first time we visited I remember thinking they had escaped and looking around for someone to alert. As no one else seemed that bothered we just carried on.


Aren’t they gorgeous? They were attracting a lot of attention.

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21 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – April 22nd, 2018.”

  1. How amazing that the mara don’t escape! Can only assume they’re very territorial. I see what you mean about a rabbit / deer cross. Great detail in these images I can almost touch the fur tara.


  2. I love them! I’ve never heard of them or seen them before. They really do look like a cross between a rabbit and a deer. I’m a sucker for anything that looks like a rabbit (or a guinea pig!).


  3. Oh wow! I’m so close to Cromer but haven’t visited that zoo before! It’s now on my to do list! They’re adorable


  4. Hi Tara, I’ve never heard of the Patagonian mara, but they are adorable. How did you stop yourself slipping a couple in your pocket? Lovely photos, they make me want to reach out and squeeze them.



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