We had a little after school jaunt to Cromer on Thursday night where, unsurprisingly when it was 3C, there were not many people out and about.

This meant it was perfect for Mark (and to a lesser degree Freya) to play on her scooter.


It was nice to see my favourite posts again too.


When it got too dark, we bought some chips and made it home just before her normal bedtime, as it was a school night.

It was lovely to be out and about again.

Hope you’ve had a good week.

To see what other people have submitted for My Sunday Photo this week, please click the camera below.


20 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – March 11th, 2018.

  1. Hi Tara, that first photo looks like a stage, I would never have guessed it was outside, but my favourite photo has to be of Freya running after her ‘hi-jacked’ scooter. I love it. How us adults get our kicks!



  2. Looks beautiful! And I love walking around near the sea when there are hardly any people about. If we ever stay coastal I always try and go for a sea front jog as the sun starts to rise. It’s always awesome! #MySundayPhoto


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