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Make Your Own Lolly Stick Bird Feeder #BostikBlogger


Our latest craft box could not have arrived at a better time; not only were we looking for things to do during several snow days but this month’s theme is “birds” – and they have definitely needed a helping hand over the last week.

There are lots of different bird feeders available to make, depending on how crafty you want to get but we stuck with a simple lolly stick design (you can find loads here).


We used:


Bostik White Glu.

35 (I think) wooden lolly sticks.

Bird seed.

Step one.


We started by making the base by lining up all the sticks vertically and then gluing two more sticks horizontally across them. I tried not to worry too much about them being level (see, parenthood has chilled me out no end).

Step two.


We then started layering the sticks. Freya seemed to really enjoy this bit and I think she would have built a tower-like feeder if I’d let her (and we had enough sticks). Before it gets too high you might want to add two sticks for the perch. We didn’t and doing it at the end was a bit more difficult. I left it all to dry overnight with a heavy book placed on the top.


Step three.

IMG_0571 2

We tied string to each corner and then brought them together in the middle to make a knot.

Step four.


Fill it with seed. If you have a four-year-old helping you, I would recommend doing this on a tray (note, no tray in this photo).

Step five.


Find a nice tree to hang it from. We have lots of cats in our area so we wanted it up fairly high. Thank you to Mark for venturing out with our ladder in the snow. I would have done it but someone needed to take the photo.

We haven’t seen any birds use it as yet but hopefully they will once word gets out that our garden is the place to eat. As we didn’t spot any, Freya made her own paper plate bird.


When it carried on snowing, I was a bit worried about how our feeder would hold up against The Beast From The East and so we also made some seed cakes using yoghurt pots as a mould to hang up with them.


Luckily everything has survived and now the snow has gone – although there’s talk that it might come back later this month.

* Please note: We receive a craft box from Craft Merrily free of charge, as part of our role as Tots 100 Bostik Bloggers, in return for this post. 


8 thoughts on “Make Your Own Lolly Stick Bird Feeder #BostikBlogger”

  1. This looks great, we will have to give this a go as we have lots of birds and even a few squirrels in our garden. I love the paper plate bird it looks fab!


  2. Oh, this is so cute! I was cleaning out my drawyer over school vacation and found a small box Dylan made me from popsicle sticks. He must have been 5 or 6. Your bird feeder reminds me of it!


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