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My Sunday Photo – January 21st, 2018.


Is it just me who feels like I still have a Christmas hangover?

I just can’t seem to get started this year. My ‘to do’ list isn’t going down despite the fact I always seem to be rushing about. I’m wondering if I can just ignore January and start the year in February?

One good thing has been the light. I bought Freya some pink roses and I’ve glanced at them at different times of the day and “oohed” at how pretty they look in the winter light.


I hope you are having a more productive month than me! Having said that, I do have another Behind The Book interview ready for tomorrow. Please pop back and take a look.

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26 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – January 21st, 2018.”

  1. Beautiful flowers! Once the kids went back to school I was straight back into the swing of things and Christmas and panto just seem like a distant memory now!


  2. I think Christmas hangover must be a very real thing as I feel like I have it too. It’s so bleurgh isn’t it? The flowers are a brilliant idea though, we definitely need more colour right now!


  3. Hi Tara, we were only saying earlier that we may as well write January off. I’m really finding it hard to get motivated and the weather really isn’t helping. Saying that though, a bunch of pretty pink roses would lift my spirits. You’ve captured them beautifully and Freya is a very lucky little girl.



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